Back to the original.


I'm currently working on a banjo that the customer requested to be exactly like DD-001, my very first banjo. The rim is finished...the tone ring still needs holes drilled...the resonator has the Royal Ranger emblem carved on the back...and the neck is ready for inlays. Due to my investment in templates and jigs, this build is going well.

Welcome to my banjo blog!


I was thinking about what to write for the first blog. People. It has to be about the people I've met the past few years.

Everyone I've met and asked for help, information, or advice has willing responded with more than I anticipated. I've seen they truly want to see me succeed in this endeavor. It is understandable for my immediately family to invest countless hours in the photo, scrapbooking and website. What I've experienced goes way beyond family bonds. Corky Wirick was so accommodating to show me the next step, answer questions, loan specialty tools, I have to use the word "advocate" to properly describe his help. Another is Phil Cravener from Latrobe who taught me wire inlay and rearranged his morning for my benefit. He set me up with some suppliers, resources and materials.

Upon attending "Banjo Camp North", in Groten, MA, last year, some of the industry professionals took time to critique my banjos and explained areas to improve. I'm sure I received 10 hours of input from Dearing, OME, Fielding, Mockingbird and American Made Banjo Company representatives. Where else could I have received that quality of advice and input? My perspective in many areas was raised by seeing their work in person. They steered my research towards things, like Iccilo Consolvi, fanned frets and Kruger Brothers.

Back home, I'm encouraged by people's interest in what I'm pursuing. Even something as simple as a teary eye upon hearing I was continuing the Bedford County banjo-building tradition motivates me. All of that to say this: I've seen in my life as anyone puts forth diligent effort in an area, people WILL rise up to help.

Make a difference and invest in a LIFE.